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These terms and conditions apply to makeup services provided by Carmel Kestles ABN: 73 160 911 324  to you. Upon booking a makeup application with Camel Kestles and its sub-contracractors or affiliates, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions.


Upon arrival, if client(s) are suffering from any type of contagious illness including, but not limited to, conjunctivitis, eye styes, cold sores, open wounds/cuts, flu or other illnesses, Carmel needs to be informed as soon as possible and reserve the right to refuse service of any infectious person. This is taken as a cautionary to ensure non-contamination to the kit and brushes, despite the sanitation of all items used between clients.

Carmel Kestles requires information on whether the client has allergies. In no event shall Carmel Kestles have any liability for incidental, or consequential damages however characterised, for example eczema, sensitive skin and eyes.


Carmel requires a non refundable or transferable 50% to secure any makeup booking, your booking is not secure without it.

Just because you have been sent a quote does not mean that date has been held open. The first in to secure the date with payment is the person it will go too.

The final amount must be paid 1 week prior to your desired date. 

Bridal trials require a $50 deposit, and a minimum of 48 hours to cancel or reschedule your booking, otherwise your deposit will be charged as a cancellation fee.

An early morning fee of 100.00 is charged for start times 8am or earlier.
It is policy to have you ready at least 1 hour before the ceremony.
This fee will also occur if required to travel before start time of 8am.
Travel fee's will occur for area's outside of Coffs Harbour. (A discount may be given at Carmel's discretion) 
Payment can be made via cash, direct bank transfer or card.  Details are listed on the invoice.

Payment per person must be paid in one transaction - not individually from each bridesmaid or person.

Your invoice number/Full Name must be used as reference.

Pricing may vary. If a deposit is paid at the time quote is issued - the price is secure.


Carmel Kestles will travel any where national or international if required for commercial, bridal, special occasion or any event.

Carmel Kestles will travel for a min of two or more people - The maximum amount of faces I will do  in a single booking is five or 6 No more. 
If you have more the 6 a second makeup artist is on staff and may be available if more the 6 people require makeup.

(Depending n the circumstances I may even travel for one person - if this is you lets talk! email:

An additional fee will also occur if Carmel Kestles is required to travel before start time of 8am.  This is charged at Carmel's desecration.

Travel fee's will occur for area's outside of Coffs Harbour. (Again a discount may be given at my discretion). 
Travel will be quoted for each individual booking and may vary with pricing and requirements. 


It is policy to have you ready at least 1 hour before the ceremony/event. 
Timing may take from 45mins - 1.5 hours. Generally Carmel Kestles likes to allow an hour per face. (especially for bridal). 

Commercial shoots maybe different again. 

The maximum amount of faces Carmel will do  in a single booking is five or six No more.  If you have more then six a second makeup artist is on staff and may be available if more the 6 people require makeup. six faces equals six hours give or take. 
Carmel Kestles is not responsible for timing on the day, Carmel allows extra timing in the 1 hour per face for each person. To ensure no one is left waiting have hair washed the night before and dried for the morning.  Remove all makeup and do not arrive with a face on - Carmel does not allow timing to remove your makeup and has the right to refuse to do a client/s face if they are requesting to leave it on or will not remove it prior to the booked date.


Upon booking, the client(s) accepts to waive any liability on Carmel Kestles if there are any allergies, allergic reactions or skin complications caused from products used from the service. Carmel will not be held liable for any losses, damage, costs, claims and actions that may occur to you or any other member of your booking. 
Upon booking, the client(s) accepts Carmel Kestles to attend to the address listed on booking and will not be held liable if the address is listed incorrectly.


Carmel Kestles may take photographs/ videos of clients for advertising and social media purposes unless specified by the client. Please let Carmel know in advance by written email if you do not wish to be photographed or if you are not happy to use your images for social media & advertising purposes.

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